Cornea Donation

Since 1960, Saving Sight has coordinated cornea donation and the distribution of corneas for transplant. Today, we operate in Missouri, Kansas, and central Illinois, and we distribute corneas to transplant surgeons in those states, the rest of the U.S., and around the world to help people receive the precious gift of sight.

Help us spread the message about eye, organ, and tissue donation in your community. If you haven't yet, register your choice to donate online at Donate Life America or your local Department of Motor Vehicles office. And be sure to speak with your family about your decision. 

About Cornea Donation

Eye donation is the oldest form of organ and tissue donation, dating back to the first successful cornea transplant in 1905. Over 46,000 corneal transplants are performed each year in the United States, with thousands more performed worldwide. 

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Donor Families & Recipients

The gift of sight has a tremendous effect on the lives of the donor family as well as the recipient of the donated tissue. Saving Sight offers several opportunities and resources to donor families and recipients. 

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Services for Medical Professionals 

Many different medical professionals work together to make the gift of sight a reality. We are committed to providing outstanding support to all involved in the cornea donation and transplantation processes. 

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Corneal Transplant Allows Truck Driver to Keep Driving

Thanks to the generosity of a donor and their family, Larry received the gift of sight through a corneal transplant in October 2015 to correct his vision and allow him to continue his occupation as a truck driver. Imagine the murkiness and cloudiness of a pool that doesn’t have a filter. Try as you might, you can’t get a crisp glimpse of what’s underneath the surface. For Larry, the cloudiness in his eye was like that. Everything was getting cloudy and blurry, making it difficult to see. And, as a career truck driver, clear vision and a good bill of health are critical to the livelihood of Larry’s family.

Saving Sight Honors Eye Donors in the 128th Rose Parade

Staff at Capital Region Medical Center Pose with Teammates in Life Rose Vial Signing poster.Each year, Saving Sight works to coordinate the eye donation process for donors in partner hospitals across Missouri, Kansas and central Illinois. Saving Sight partner relations coordinators meet with the partner hospitals as the year comes to a close to honor the gifts of their donors on a national stage during the annual Tournament of Roses - Rose Parade.

Cornea Recipient Takes in the Sights during Retirement

Katie stands in the rough terrain next to Davidson Glacier in Alaska during her hike.Hiking over rough terrain and in cold temperatures is worth it to see the beauty of a glacier. On a recent Alaskan cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver, British Columbia, Katie and her husband hiked at Davidson Glacier in Alaska. “We had to hike over rough terrain to get to the glacier. There was a time I was not able to see well enough to hike with confidence. Now that I can see clearly, I feel able to take it on,” said Katie. “Every day I am grateful for my eyesight and the things I can accomplish.”