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Saving Sight is a nonprofit organization that changes lives through the gift of sight and charitable vision services. We were founded in 1960 as an eye bank in central Missouri, and today, our vision programs serve more than 100,000 people worldwide each year. We strive to be the global partnership model for how eye banking and charitable vision services can most effectively serve people and communities.

KidSight Vision Screening Program


Our trained technicians have conducted more than 500,000 vision screenings for Missouri children since 1995. Using a photoscreening device, we quickly and noninvasively screen children ages 6 months to 6 years old for common causes of childhood vision loss free of charge, and we refer at-risk children to eye doctors for examination and treatment.

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Eye Donation

Since 1960, Saving Sight has coordinated eye donation and the distribution of corneas for transplant. Today, we operate in Missouri, Kansas, and central Illinois, and we distribute corneas to transplant surgeons in those states, the rest of the U.S., and around the world to help people receive the precious gift of sight.

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Eyeglass Recycling

Our Eyeglass Recycling Program changes lives locally and globally. We collaborate with the Missouri Lions to collect used eyeglasses, prepare them for recycling, and provide them to people in need, free of charge.

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Saving Sight Honors Eye Donors in the 128th Rose Parade

Staff at Capital Region Medical Center Pose with Teammates in Life Rose Vial Signing poster.Each year, Saving Sight works to coordinate the eye donation process for donors in partner hospitals across Missouri, Kansas and central Illinois. Saving Sight partner relations coordinators meet with the partner hospitals as the year comes to a close to honor the gifts of their donors on a national stage during the annual Tournament of Roses - Rose Parade.

Active Four-Year-Old Corrects Anisometropia Thanks to a KidSight Vision Screening

Hudson drumming in his new glasses.Whether it’s dashing across the field after a soccer ball or tapping out beats on the drums, four-year-old Hudson likes to be in the thick of the action. He also has a great imagination, enjoys art projects that involve coloring, cutting and taping things together and is already beginning to recognize words and letters in books. With his great eye-hand coordination and early ability to recognize letters, his parents Matt and Emily were surprised when a KidSight vision screening at his daycare identified Hudson may have a vision problem.

“I am a physician and this is something we still would never have caught without the screening because his one eye sees so well,” said Emily. “We took [the screening results] very seriously and got [an eye exam] scheduled in the next month.” 

Saving Sight Columbia Facility Update & Commitment

Saving Sight office at 404 Portland Street in Columbia, Missouri.Over the past several months, Saving Sight’s board and leadership have explored ways to best use organizational assets to sustain the impact of our programs in an increasingly competitive non-profit environment. As a first step in this process, four acres of underutilized property at Saving Sight’s Columbia location were listed for sale. A portion of proceeds from the sale were to be earmarked for building improvements in the outdated Columbia facility necessary to continue operations in the building.