We change lives by saving sight. Join us!

Saving Sight is a nonprofit organization that changes lives through the gift of sight and charitable vision services. We were founded in 1960 as an eye bank in central Missouri, and today, our vision programs serve more than 100,000 people worldwide each year. We strive to be the global partnership model for how eye banking and charitable vision services can most effectively serve people and communities.

KidSight Vision Screening Program


Our trained technicians have conducted more than 500,000 vision screenings for Missouri children since 1995. Using a photoscreening device, we quickly and noninvasively screen children ages 6 months to 6 years old for common causes of childhood vision loss free of charge, and we refer at-risk children to eye doctors for examination and treatment.

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Eye Donation

Since 1960, Saving Sight has coordinated eye donation and the distribution of corneas for transplant. Today, we operate in Missouri, Kansas, and central Illinois, and we distribute corneas to transplant surgeons in those states, the rest of the U.S., and around the world to help people receive the precious gift of sight.

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Eyeglass Recycling

Our Eyeglass Recycling Program changes lives locally and globally. We collaborate with the Missouri Lions to collect used eyeglasses, prepare them for recycling, and provide them to people in need, free of charge.

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Glasses Help 3-year-old in the Classroom Thanks to KidSight Screening

David sits at the kitchen table cutting a piece of paper while wearing his new glasses.David sits on his knees at the kitchen table gazing intently at the sheet of construction paper he holds in his hands. Maneuvering scissors around the lines as he cuts the shapes on the paper is a challenging task for the three-year-old, but he’s focused. As David’s mom Sarah walks through the room, she remembers a time not too long ago her persistent preschooler wouldn’t even pick up a pair of scissors. But since a KidSight vision screening identified a problem with David’s vision, with glasses on, he’s been developing his fine motor skills through regular cutting practice.

Cornea Recipient Takes in the Sights during Retirement

Katie stands in the rough terrain next to Davidson Glacier in Alaska during her hike.Hiking over rough terrain and in cold temperatures is worth it to see the beauty of a glacier. On a recent Alaskan cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver, British Columbia, Katie and her husband hiked at Davidson Glacier in Alaska. “We had to hike over rough terrain to get to the glacier. There was a time I was not able to see well enough to hike with confidence. Now that I can see clearly, I feel able to take it on,” said Katie. “Every day I am grateful for my eyesight and the things I can accomplish.”

Saving Sight Partners with Community to Increase Donor Designation

Saving Sight, Donate Life Team Illinois, Life Goes On and Mid-America Transplant at the Cardinals/Cubs baseball game on September 13.Saving Sight partners with local community events, health fairs and hospitals to increase donor designation through local donor designation drives. While 95 percent of Americans are in favor of being a donor, only 52 percent are registered. Donor designation drives help bridge the gap and allow Saving Sight to educate individuals about eye, organ and tissue donation and provide the community with resources to make the best decision for themselves and their family in regards to donation. In September, Saving Sight held several of these events throughout our service area.