Cheerful Preschooler Corrects Double Vision Thanks to KidSight

Xavion laying sitting back on the couch reading one of his favorite books.Xavion is an active and cheerful 4-year-old who loves to be outside on the swings. His mom Tina says he talks a mile a minute, likes to joke with others and has a hard, deep laugh that leaves those around him with a smile on their face. But when Xavion would trip or sometimes run into walls, it wasn’t to get a laugh. A KidSight vision screening at his St. Louis preschool identified a possible vision problem for the jovial preschooler. Tina knew the importance of healthy vision to Xavion’s success in school and sought treatment right away.

“He loved writing, but would get frustrated and I think it was his vision,” said Tina. “When I read him a book he’d point to something and say the thing that was above it. He’s a very sweet kid, and I believe that his vision has been holding him back a little bit.”

After the KidSight screening identified Xavion’s potential vision problem, Saving Sight sent a referral packet home to Xavion’s parents in his backpack. “When we received the report from KidSight, we made sure we made an appointment and we handed the eye doctor the papers for him to go over,” said Tina. “That’s when he made the suggestion of trying glasses and seeing how they help before doing surgery.”

Xavion and his mom pose and smile in their similar, dark framed glasses.At their appointment, Xavion’s eye doctor diagnosed him with myopia and strabismus. Myopia is more commonly known as nearsightedness, where things far away are blurry. Strabismus is the failure of both eyes to maintain correct alignment and work together. To correct this, the brain ignores the misaligned eye to prevent double vision. This can lead to amblyopia or ‘lazy eye.’ Xavion was prescribed glasses and may need surgery to help align the muscles in his eye. “If it wasn’t for KidSight we might have waited too late for the doctor to be able to do anything for him,” said Tina

Xavion is reacting well to his glasses and Tina has noticed improvements in his double vision and his peripheral vision. “I saw a difference as soon as he put the glasses on – it’s amazing watching him see things as they are with such clarity! Before if there was a ball sitting on the floor, and he was looking forward, he couldn’t see the ball on the floor in front of him,” said Tina.

Tina is thankful KidSight spotted Xavion’s vision problem early. “I would recommend a KidSight screening for all children because they can’t voice what they don’t know; it’s really hard for the child when they can’t see and can’t tell you they can’t see,” said Tina.

Thanks to the support of generous donors, Saving Sight’s KidSight program provides free vision screenings for children 6 months to 6 years to ensure children have the healthy vision they need to succeed in school. You can help prevent vision loss for children like Xavion by supporting our work.

Visit our KidSight page to learn more about the program, including how to volunteer, find a screening near you, or request a screening at your local childcare facility or child-friendly community event. 


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